apr 5: the dining dead [npw]

soft hues of yellow spray paint the room,
and the dining table comes looking for us, 
the room is full of exasperated sighs 
at the frailty between our steps and
then ourselves. love has a way
of shifting between the familiar
and the unknown, filling the void
with uncertainty and confusion

apr 4: romanticisation of a memory [npw]

we were sitting on the floor 
next to my bed, i had your hands
wrapped in mine as we
talked about what it felt like
to collect feathers from hilltops
and to have chocolate ice-cream
amidst the snow, there was enough normalcy 
established to tell you i needed
to leave.

april 2: a eulogy [npw]

you were a moment stuck
in an hourglass / i hope love finds you soon
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april1: rain and the ocean [npw]

a twirl here, and a splash there,
the rain is on my skin, and i am late for class.
a song plays in the background, and i stand
with my eyes closed. i have an
exam the next day but right now,
the sky is mine \
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silence, a religion

most days, i practice silence
as a religion, for, it seems
to be the only one willing
to accept the agnostic
death in me /
on some days of gifted
scrutiny and tolerance,
i even look for goddesses,

[an existential crisis, a dreadful draft]

i dont know who i am but
if i were to make a guess,
maybe a coffin — for, i carry the
body of a writer in me, an empty
vessel, i am no longer
a work in progress /

a written goodbye /

someday later,
when they ask me,
about the boys i touched,
about the ruins, and the love,
the art i left behind,
maybe i’ll tell them stories
of you /

about lost&found, ii

i spend a lot of time trying to pinpoint when i lost myself, whether it was when i admitted to myself the anxious truth about anxiety or when i let go of the cherry flavour behind the dysfunctionings or when i fell in a pit of loveless poetry born out of loveless loves or when…