word(s) of the day


(n.) remains of something
that has been destroyed
or broken up. 

realisations of august.

realisations i had about myself and other things in august / a rant list:

things we (i’ve) learn(t) to love slowly:

freckled skin, economics, crooked smiles, trigonometry, puzzles, cranberries, the smell of pineapple, wet grass, grey skies, hazy mornings, rain puddles, yellow bookmarks, smell of ashes, dark polaroids, blurred memories, cinnamon coffee, old writings, labyrinths, green apples, sand in our feet, glitter, christmas themed braces, cotton candy ice cream, ruined paintings, awkward first exchanges, purple pillows,…

noah&celeste, ii.

visual perception: faded purple sky / slight blue lines / almost grey clouds / ticklish green grass / kodaline’s music / discarded snacks, socks and earphones / mistakes kept in a box / unsaid feelings swallowed / chocolate scribbled palms / heartache the only way noah ever knew how to breathe without feeling guilty was…

six truths, six lies.

9. even after it all, i’d still lie on the kitchen floor with you and listen to all the songs that once said all that we couldnt.

noah&celeste, i.

i. on the nights that fell like lightning, celeste busied herself by writing about boys who wouldnt dare to love her. the loud wind would crash against her drenched windows, angry at the sky for having existed with such harshness while it longed to just be loved gently. from the start, celeste knew how to paint…

overlooked / forgotten

delicate hues of a purple sunset —  soft ripples of the blue ocean — sound of keys coming together forming words only we get — whispered poetry — dull polaroids as bookmarks— cookie crumbs left on the last page of your book  — fading marks on your shoulder  —  saturns smudged around the joints — shared metaphors…

nine truths, six lies

9. one day, they’ll name a hurricane after me and you’ll understand why i left.

breathers / reminders

buy cute stationary. tell the people you love that you love them. go out for breakfast and have waffles or pav bhaji. take polaroids of happy days. dance in your living room, dance in your pajamas, dance to sound of the rain as vance joy plays softly in the background. crush newspapers into crumpled paper…

a list of songs i’ve been feeling lately

best part of me – st. leonards 1000 years – liza anne still – the japanese house talk – kodaline eavesdrop – the civil wars old lovers in dressing rooms – keaton henson song for zula – phosphorescent dancing – mellow fellow call if you need me – vance joy archie, marry me – alvvays…