6:25 pm

what if happiness was contagious? what if, it is?

when you’re happy, you want to make others happy? you make them happy and then they want to make someone else happy? and so it continues?

so i’m writing this because I, myself, am feeling very happy today.

And the next time, when I’m sad, i will remember this day and wait for more days like these.

This is for everyone out there who’s sad, remember: sad things will happen everyday, and so will the happy things but you just have to focus more on the happy things. don’t let it put you down or ruin your mood.

I feel so happy right now, its overwhelming. I feel so happy that i don’t even care what anyone would think about this post. It’s one of those happy tears kinda happiness.

And this more of just like a rant but today is turning out to be such a good day even thought it started of as a very lazy day.

To summarise why I’m feeling happy: I bought a proper super pretty dreamcatcher, decorated my room (again,) maths made sense today, skins came on netflix (meaning i can finally complete it,) an old friend’s sister messaged me about my writing (which literally did make my day), mumma was happy because of me, I was also called a good photographer, I started a new book today and I also had pie today.

In short, this all might not seem that big of thing but in the end, its always the little things that count.

And happy days don’t really come that often and even if they do, they don’t stay for that long, mostly just for like 2 hours. I generally let some things ruin my mood. But today i’m not going to let that happen, hopefully.

To the people out there, who always try to make others happy, who are always there for others and are genuinely good. Stay the same, and thankyou for whenever you might have made me happy.

An inspirational (kinda) tip by the way, if you have something good to say, say it. it might make someone’s day and it might save someone. Dont be scared that they wont reply, at least you tried and the probabilities are that they read it but were probably too shy to reply. And if you end up thinking that what if the good thing you are about to tell them might not be something they are proud of, the thing is, you can make a change. You can convince them that it’s something so beautiful that they should be proud of it. And if that doesn’t work, you can always apologise. It’s never too late to say sorry, remember?

(also, i feel really worried at times that people will think I’m stupid so if you are thinking right now that I’m stupid, please just know I’m very much consumed with happiness right now, and I’m probably not thinking straight right now and i’ll probably be very embarrassed when i read this again after 3 days so like okay, bear with me please.)

(also, also, this is one of my favourite pictures)

(and thankyou for listening to (reading, actually) my rant)



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