Milk and honey.

part 1.

“you treat them as if they
have a heart like yours.
but not everyone can be as
soft and tender as you.

you don’t see the
person they are
you see the person
they have the potential to be.

you give and give till
they have taken everything out of you
and leave you empty.”

part 2.

“did you think i was a city big enough for a weekend getaway?
i am the town surrounding it, the one you’ve never heard of but always pass through
there are no neon lights here, no skyscrapers or statues
but there is thunder, for i make bridges tremble
i am not street meat, i am homemade jam thick enough to cut the sweetest thing your lips will touch
i am not police sirens, i am the crackle in a fireplace
i’d burn you and you wouldnt take your eyes off me
cause i’d look so beautiful doing it you’d blush
i am not a hotel room, i am home
i am not the whiskey you want. i’m the ater you need
don’t come here with expectations and try to make a vacation out of me.”


(current favourites by rupi kaur)

(she’s so damn good, every freaking human being needs milk and honey in their bookshelf.)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohi dave says:

    I so completely agree! I just got the book and I can’t seem to keep it away ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. swarajyasingh says:

    And also have it even if they don’t have a book shelf. It’s so good afgjkhl😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tee says:

      hahaha yes. it’s a beautiful book.


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