a midnight rant

as it says, “for midnight rants and road trips,” i suppose it’s only appropriate if i do post a midnight rant.

currently, it’s 1:08 and according to google (and everyone else) midnight is 12 am only. But then there is always going to be a place at at least somewhere whose time will be 12. so this is (kinda) for that specific place.

do you at times just think about everything when you are supposed to be thinking about the other category everything? although, I’m not sure if there are supposed to be categories of everything?

it’s only been 3 days till summer has started. by summer, i mean, summer vacations.

and all I’ve done is somewhat close to nothing. apart from getting a haircut (some people might not think of it as nothing, but eh and i do miss my old long hair, even tho it is not that short currently, but hello (!) old hair, good hair, long hair(!!) eh) i’ve also watched like bassillion episodes of gossip girl. (gettit, chuck bass? hahaha … uh no?)

and I would really like to go out and explore but too bad for me, I’ve already explored all there is supposed to be here, even though I’m pretty sure that a place can never be completely explored because every time you go, you’l find a different thing about it to love. would you guys hate me if i personified this too? (i have no idea why i cant help but personify everything) but continuing, that same logic can be applied for human beings, when someone falls for you. and by fall, i mean, genuine-deep-real love. thats how it works. everyday you discover something about the person that makes you fall even more in love with them. its only then, i guess, you can say that you’re in love. when you find the supposed flaws not as flaws but as art. or something. (okay yeah that’d be very cheesy)

but its very hot here these days so going isn’t exactly as fun as it used to be in december. but i cant really do anything so woopadoda (pronounced as wooo-pa-dooo-da) (say it, its actually very fun) (please)

these days actually I’ve been making many new words, and I’ve been using it so often that even others have started using it and it’s hilarious because when they realise that they just used a word that doesn’t exist (but does make sense) and a word that they made fun of me (in the beginning at least) for using, they just stop mid-sentence and their expression is priceless.

it’s actually now exactly 1:45 am and no, i did not spend 37 minutes writing this. I got distracted. by my phone. oops.

I’m too lazy to re-read this so if there are errors or things that arent making sense, you can either ignore them or message me bout them (on insta, i guess?)

chances are that ill read this again like two days when I’m not so lazy (but according to my mom, I’m always lazy ??) so i’ll edit it later. (hah)

just, ps. I’m sorry i use too many brackets. i hope it doesnt irritate you guys. its just that brackets are so fun and nice and idk. (byes) (did that one on purpose by the way) (last one too) (this probably isn’t making sense to you so okay sorry bye??)

(i’ll probably die of embarrassment by tomorrow or whenever i read this again)



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