a very incomplete list. (#5)


  1. add two extra e’s to your bye and one extra u to your thankyou.
  2. find someone who loves your smile more than the way you bite your lip.
  3. it’s okay to be late, and its never going to be too late to say sorry.
  4. if you want to take a shower at 3 in the morning, and listen to justin bieber. it’s fine, go ahead. do it.
  5. experience new things, say hi to a stranger. thats how friendships happen, right?
  6. don’t make excuses for the shitty things people do. (something my best friend taught me) (but this is very important)
  7. people are going to judge you, they are going to judge you hard. and i know its going to be hard to ignore them, but focus more on the people who actually genuinely love you.
  8. talk. talk. talk. keep talking. don’t let anything stop you. let everything flow out of you. even if you think it’s nothing. at times, talking might not feel easy. (even for me who is supposedly a very talkative person) but it’ll make you feel better.
  9. at times, you might be forced to talk or make decisions in a way that are not going to be suitable for someone of your age. don’t be scared, don’t run away from them. this is (probably) how you grow up.


(I’m having a major writers block and my mind doesn’t understand anything and i feel so confused even tho there is nothing to be confused about and i don’t even have anything to rant about like i do but i cant rant about bc i kinda don’t know how to but i think I’m actually just ranting without realising it aw man this is so shit oh whatever)

(and i have no idea what this list is supposed to be but its kinda old so idk and i made apple pie today which was a kinda fail but it still tasted good so it wasnt that much of a fail?)



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