let me tell you one thing, your story is only going to have one protagonist and that is going to be you. yes, there will be times when you’ll be forced to become a secondary character in your own story. but it’s not going to be permanent. only you, and only you can be the permanent protagonist of your story, others are temporary. you too, at times, will become the protagonist of someone else’s story. it’s going to be about opportunities and advantages. but don’t try to become the protagonist in someone else’s story on purpose just because you aren’t satisfied with yours. the other person doesnt deserve that, don’t do that to them. it’s their story, not yours. don’t steal someone else’s spotlight.

if you know how it feels to live under someone’s shadow, why would you ever want to wish that for someone else? i refuse to believe you can be that selfish.

yes, it’s okay to be selfish at times but not when the consequences can be so destructive. and the worst part? you wont even realise you’ve hurt them.

(this may have been a little inspired from the spoken word poem, ‘how to never stop being sad,’ its my fav ok)


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  1. A good thought to express.. Thanks!

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    1. tee says:

      thankyou so much. 🙂

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