if you ever feel disturbed and sad, go to your nearest playground and sit on the swings. put on your earphones and play “we’re fighting again ” by flat sound, or “falling slowly” by the swell season or “you are the coffin” by flatsound (rainy mood edit) and put them on repeat. at first, swing slowly. feel the wind rushing past your hair, set yourself free and then, fly away. close your eyes, increase the volume and think of nothing but the lyrics you’re listening to. feel the wind again, this time it’ll feel more fresher. feel yourself flying, everything will feel so much better. it’ll feel like peace, something you’ve never felt before. you’ll be better, everything’ll be better.

(this was never meant to poetic or anything related to it. it was only meant to be a way of getting this feeling on paper. but when i finished writing it, it just had that beautiful vibe so then, why not?)


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  1. Iridescent From Linkin Park Would Help Too! 🙂


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