to love a soul, #2

for a writer,

you’ll be the one she’ll write the most about. you might not always have the role of her knight in shinning amor and you might as well end up up being described as a nightmare, bear with her. she still loves you. she will write about the future, with and without you. she’ll take stories of different people and mix them with yours. she’ll use you as her paper and her lips as words. she’ll read you like she read her favourite paperback for the first time. she’ll learn to shape you in a combination of mixed alphabets and lost love letters. she’ll turn herself into poetry for you to read. she’ll make promises in a language you’ve never heard of. and take you back to her favourite fictional world. stay with her, remind her to breathe when she’s frustrated. in the middle of the night, or in the midst of your lunch, she’ll call you because she cant find the word she’s been looking for; laugh with her, make little jokes; help and comfort. if she hangs up without saying bye, try to understand, she doesnt mean to hurt you. and when you find the words you whispered about your love falling from her notebook written in small napkins from her lunch, smile at her, she might be embarrassed. and lastly, don’t forget to remind her you love her, after all, she’s known for forgetting.


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  1. Pooh says:

    You are a blessing from God


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