i am i am i am nothing

i am a writer. i am the words on the papers. i am the lines you always skip. i am a balloon. i burst. i am the beats of the old songs you never dance to. i am the tree you never water. i am the planets you’ve never heard of. i am the fallen books. i am the fullstops at the end of every sentence. i am a writer. i am sad. i am used. i am trash. i am thrown. i am rude. i am the sun. i am the waves. i am useless but i am loved. i am weak but i am loved. i am nothing but i am loved. i am mediocre. i am everyone. i am ordinary. i am the tears. i am the feelings. i am everything. but i am nothing. but i am loved. – i am i am i am nothing, t.

(this is raw, this is amateur, this is unedited, this is personal, this weird, this is fiction, this is pathetic, this is stupid. and this is nothing)

(i recorded a spoken word on this, which is actually kinda on my insta and I’m too shy to post it here. so if you want, go check it out on my insta, I’ll drop the link below, yeah?)

this is the spoken word version thing so bye


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  1. V. Ananya says:

    Hi, Tee!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.:)
    Please check my post:

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  2. poison21 says:

    you.t. it feels like stream of consciousness, but I’m thinking there was a lot of crafting that went into the final poem, especially since you produced the spoken version on Instagram.

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    1. tee says:

      yes, there was actually. at first, it was just a rough draft then I had to remove a lot of things and edit it and then record it. hah, thankyou tho.

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