modern incomplete fairytales, #1.5

(read other parts of this whole series; modern incomplete fairytales, 1-5)

pt1.5, the coffee shop.

she’ll walk into the coffee shop we used to hate. I’ll be there sitting in the corner booth. I wont see her right away. I’ll be busy typing, still trying to finish that one novel I could never finish. I’ll hear a laugh similar to hers but it’s been so long, it wont be her. it can’t be her. but who was i kidding? i’ll look up and there she would be. wearing an oversized tee, tucked into her stupid ripped shorts. she always did have a knack for ripped things. maybe that’s why she was always around me. she’ll look younger but taller, probably wearing the nude heels she always loved and she wont have as many bracelets on her left hand as i thought she would. i’ll pretend to not notice her and go back to my continuous typing, my hands seeming to have a mind on their own. but then silence will consume the whole place. i still wont look up. but then letting my curiosity get the best of me, i’d slowly look up. and of course, she’d be there sitting cross legged on the floor, with her shoulders shaking. if i didn’t know any better, i’d say she was crying. but i knew her, she never cried. she was my happy girl. my girl. and she’d be laughing. her eyes will catch mine and the happy glint that’d always go away when getting caught would still be there this time, she quit her old habits. she isn’t afraid, she isn’t insecure. and then i’ll realise the happiness glowing from within her and just then, my inspiration would hit. why was i even surprised? she always did bring out the inner poet in me. if this was a fairytale, i probably would have chased after her and stopped her from getting in that neon car with her friend and asked her about everything right there on the street, not giving a shit about the people passing who were giving us weird looks. but this wasn’t a fairytale and I was no prince charming and there was no missing shoe. she was at peace. and i was, too. and we were better off without each other.


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  1. spacesoul says:

    Ah,this ,the last lines 😍❤

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