​things i did in the process of losing you, and after i lost you.

february: i do nothing but sit in front of the black screen of my laptop, and wait for you to come back. you promised you’d call

wednesday: i see you i cry for you i live for i-i- no

may: i start work at an art gallery. please don’t come here.

monday: you call. you call but no sorry i don’t have the answers to your math problems. or any problem.

august: i bake biscuits for my dead cats and wait for them to come back, just like i do for you.

friday: you tore the pages of my favourite book. it reminded me of you.

november: i sniff books to past time and read about half dead souls. you’re one of them.

sunday: you crushed all the leaves i used as bookmarks. i will crush you. i will.

december: they try to feed me flowers now. at least flowers look pretty when dead, maybe i’ll do too.

monday: eveythgi happens for a reason. veythgin happens for a reason. erythgin happens for a reason. eveyrin ehappens froa reaosn.

february: somtimes, it doesnt hurt. sometimes, it hurts very little. sometimes, it hurts a lot. sometimes it, i don’t know anymore

saturday: i don’t believe in compliments. stop lying. you’re lying. why are you lying

april: you listened to songs about rain and sex, i listen to songs about sex and rain.

thursday: i am fine. fullstops mean emphasis. i’m fine. i am fine. – t.


this is shit I’m sorry.


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  1. I relate to this completely and I know this is how my next month is going to be. And I hope it lasts only a month.

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    1. tee says:

      I’m sorry you’ll have to go through this. just have hope and believe it will be okay. phases come and go. it’ll be okay. and whatever it is you think will happen, might not happen. you’ll be okay.

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  2. Reminds me of a song by The Cure

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    1. tee says:

      oo, I’ve heard some songs by them.

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      1. It is an amazing band full with so many emotions, I guess tbats why I like them.

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