the left & the leftee

left, here: the ones who have left.
leftee, here: the who who have been left. (poetic licence? no?)

this is for the ones who have been left:

no, there’s nothing wrong with you. and no you do not deserve it. and no, its not your fault. there will be people out there who will accept you the way you are. but you might have to mend yourself a little, just a little. the other person was used to something else, they couldnt handle you. it is okay. they had their life and you can not force yourself to be a part of it all the time. it depends on them. do not be stuck on them, give yourself a break. stop giving a shit about people who don’t want you to give a shit. no one deserves to be left, but we cant always make them stay.

this is for the ones who have left:

sometimes you have to hurt, sometimes you have to be the bad guy and sometimes you have to leave without an explanation. if its hurting you, if its exhausting you then leave. do not stay because of guilt or pity. true, its easy to say it but its not that hard to do it either. and once you do it, the peace you feel? do not feel guilty about it. you were there for them, you tried. but you couldnt handle it. not everyone can handle everything. you had other things too to worry about. if you don’t want someone to be a part of your life, don’t lead them on or pick petty fights with them. leave, stop talking to them. it might seem rude, and it will be rude. but sometimes, you just gotta do it. there’ll be guilt. there’ll be loads of guilt. but it’ll go away too. do not be stuck on them, give yourself a break. stop making yourself give a shit about people you don’t want to give a shit about. no one deserves to be left, but we cant always stay.

(copying a/n from instagram, only)

this was supposed to be a small rant that was never supposed to be read by anyone but then it ended up looking kinda pretty and I just had to give titles for both the paras and nada (!?) but this is one thing (leaving and all) I think a lot of people say and I know its not easy to do it but sometimes we have to leave to be better. and it might (it will, actually) feel like a shit thing to do but then again sometimes we just have to do it. and yes, being left is not easy either but do not blame yourself. and if you do blame yourself, and know your fault too, then change that thing (?)




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  1. speaking as one who has left, those are quite reassuring words of wisdom. 😊 used to beat up myself a lot, until I figured how much worse things would’ve been if I stayed. no regrets. 😃✌


    1. tee says:

      exactly. sometimes you have to be a little selfish. and thats perfectly okay. because we can’t always make others happy by doing the opposite for ourselves.

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  2. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog.


    1. tee says:

      means lot, thankyou.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Grandtrines says:

        You are welcome!

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