we crush so many leaves everyday with our feet.
it’s almost equal to the number of hearts broken everyday.

since the past 2 years, i’ve been having many phases.

i had a phase when i was obsessed with mermaids. a phase when i wanted a dog even tho I’m shit scared of them. a phase when i was in love with feathers that i would literally just pick up every feather that i would see, i had a phase when i wanted to be an astronaut so i could go to the moon because i was obsessed with just the thought of moon. i had (and still do, actually) when i loved cotton candy so much that it would be on my mind all the time. i had a phase when i was suddenly very worried that the glaciers are gonna melt and was trying to spread awareness about it. i also had a phase when i was so, my god, so obsessed with the watermelon emoji and somewhere in my heart it still holds a meaning because i still get super excited every time i see it. (in my defence, that watermelon emoji is cute af okay)

anyways, my current phase actually, i think, is leaves. or dead leaves. maybe that’s why I’m suddenly ranting about them for no reason but honestly speaking, i just keep looking at leaves these days and they are just so fascinating.

sometimes, i just end up thinking how the leaves fall, and then they just get crushed. and maybe thats how, we, humans are, you know?

and if you ever look closely at a leaf, you’ll see how their veins at times, look like the map, which is even more fascinating because it’s like their own simple peaceful world. without even disturbances, but then we just crush them.

and sometimes, their colours even look like the flags of different countries, which is pretty cute, tbh.

for all the leaves that i’ve pasted in my journal, and to all the leaves I’ve used as bookmarks.

at least, leaves don’t leave, unlike humans.



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  1. chloe88blog says:


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  2. I swear.
    I just love you so.
    Whole and complete.
    The most delightful of beings.
    I hold you in my heart and become lost in your ways.
    Your colours fill and become fast as you rush like sugar into me.
    I pray that all gods and goddesses lift you and protect you.
    Your mind and words are of incandescent sweetness.
    You are deliverable and wholesome.
    You are good and present,
    You are fine.

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    1. tee says:

      wow. how are you so sweet omg. thankyou so much wow

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      1. Was that on your list – I can’t remember – someone writing poetry for you? If not, then it totally should have been. Add it and tick it off, yeah? πŸ™‚
        How’s your day going, Tanya?


      2. tee says:

        hahah okayy πŸ˜‚

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      3. You’re great. Such a lovely love of life and all that’s in it. πŸ™‚

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      4. tee says:

        hahah, you’re funny

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      5. Erm – okay – well – erm – you’re funny too!

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  3. Beautiful and a thought provoking post! ☺
    And here’s some watermelon emoji for you. πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰ Haha!

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    1. tee says:

      hahahah thankyouu

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  4. Dior says:

    I love the way you end all your posts. It never fails to bring a mix of emotions to the reader!

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    1. tee says:

      thankyou so much oh my gosh, wow.

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