modern incomplete fairytales #3

(read other parts of this whole series; modern incomplete fairytales, 1-5)

pt3, a small flashback, a somewhat forgotten memory.  

as he’ll sit on the small bench and the autumn leaves will fall, it’d remind him of a small memory of her, with his hands around her waist, pulling her in, closer and closer. with her hands in his hair, tugging him in, softly and softly. with winters spent exploring each other’s necks, and tracing small palm lines. autumns spent writings new songs with old guitars, and drinking coffee out of glasses made for wine. summers spent collecting sea shells and watching mickey mouse; with some causal hours spent painting each others rooms, happy days spent opening ice cream stalls and sad weeks spent writing letters; the movie days, the pyjama trips to starbucks and those 9am walks in search of dead leaves. but everything is temporary in this world and nothing stays forever. she should have stayed, he should have tried. a lot of should have’s, would have’s and what if’s. but the only thing we know, their love still lives in their lives and flows through the veins of these autumn leaves and they will continue to do so. love can only ever fade, never disappear.


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