modern incomplete fairytales, #4

(read other parts of this whole series; modern incomplete fairytales, 1-5)

pt4, the bus station. 

they met again at the old bus station with no railings and where a bus rarely came. it wasn’t raining but umbrellas were involved. he never believed in umbrellas, and she never believed in getting wet. she had a peach umbrella with blue stripes and he had a white notebook. he pretended to love the stripes and she pretended to love him. while he was busy losing her, she was busy fixing him. this time, he wore a stupid brown coloured shirt, and she wore those funny mickey mouse pjs. yet again, there were no words but unlike last time, there was no laptop to hide behind, or a pile of stuff to fall into. she was planning on ignoring him but an old joke he always told people came to her mind and she burst out laughing and soon enough, words were exchanged, along with cheesy smirks and snarky comments. and maybe, fights were solved, misunderstandings were cleared, and old feelings were reignited. but the feelings never went away, they just got lost with them when they both walked away. and now, sitting so close, it was all coming back. they were just clichés after all, trying to make it to the real world. so when the bus came, they ran; together with some promises and stolen kisses.


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