a somewhat letter?

a letter for the one’s who are like me aka a letter for the future version of me, without bullet points.

learn how to say no. try to not let the small things bother you, if you really are me then you’ll know the small things i’m talking about. remember that it’s okay to cry. remember you cant always be happy. don’t let people treat you like shit. don’t let people use you. you’re not a piece of shit, you matter. you don’t deserve to be treated the way they treat you. you don’t always have to love yourself. i know it wont be easy. but please don’t hate yourself. if you’re going through something rough again, remember you’ve been through a lot more. you’ll get through this. listen to that old inspirational rainbow song by katy perry. you’ll be okay. you’ve been okay before, you’ll be okay now. just have faith. or hope, anything to believe in. learn how to survive without people, stop being dependent. they might need you, but you don’t need them. at least, not anymore. move past your regrets, don’t let them stop you. listen to your best friend, your mistakes are not what make you, you. listen to tumblr, your mistakes do not shape you. listen to your mother, you are not your mistakes. when it gets hard to remember that you’re loved, write it down. write all of it down. let go of your guilty conscious for a while. it’s okay to be rude sometimes. it’s okay to be mean sometimes. screw those who cant understand. they never deserved you anyways. listen to your favourite spoken words, listen to all the songs you keep downloading but never listen to. give yourself a break, talk to new people. don’t bottle all of it up, it’ll hurt. a lot. especially when you finally break. and please, please, remember that you’re not who they think you are, who they make you think you are. you’re much better than that, please don’t let someone else tell you who you are. not even me, your younger version. you’re who you make of yourself but don’t for a second think you’re not worth it because you are. and i can only hope you’ll believe it someday.

– t, aka a letter i wish i wrote yesterday.



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  1. Really beautiful letter, I thinj we all could use some of this advice. 😊

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    1. tee says:

      haha, thankyou so much.

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  2. hell0chloe says:

    I know this is an older post but I just stumbled across it and needed to hear it today. Thank you .xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tee says:

      💝 hope you feel better, love

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