yes, im back to my normal rants oops

okay, so before you start reading this, just know this is just another sad rant by a teenager who doesnt look like a teenager and doesnt act like a teenager (rather a toddler from what i’ve been told??) and is constantly stressed.

i mean, this thing has been on my mind for quite a while now and i’m just starting to put it into words and this is also something I’ve read (and heard) so many times.

what’s the point of all this?

aren’t we just stressed all the damn time? sure, this might look like a 15yr old just saying, “oh my gosh, i can totally not stand school,” in the white girl tone, ofc.

but then when you’re in 10th, you’re stressed.
when you’re in 11th, you’re still stressed.
ofc, when you’re in 12th, you’re stressed.
and when you’re done with 12th, yep, you guessed it, you’re still so stressed.
oh and not to mention even in college, yes, you’re still stressed.
i could go on and on, how even after college and marriage and kids, this stress never seems to go away.

okay, so i remember a month ago i had to write a speech kinda thing on stress and i had also included the pros of stress. (believe it or not, there were quite a few in that category) (or were there? what)

and one of the pros (or at least the one i remember) was that, that it’s good motivator. and sure yes, that might be true. but um, it’s a little discouraging too?

i mean how sad is it that people would actually die or would prefer to fall sick just to not give a pathetic exam that’s not even going to matter in a few years? what exactly does that make us if we’re constantly wishing for something bad to happen just to get out of something else that is also bad. (if there something ironical there or um is it just me?)

and going back to stressful life, i know we all have good days and times when we’re not stressed like the day exams get over. but then, there’s our subconscious telling us to not be so stressed free because

(see the emphasis i tried to put there?)

and stress isn’t always about studies, ofc. i have some friends who are very much chill about studies and still manage to get good marks. having a good memory and a not so weak cerebrum definitely helps, i guess?

but stress can be about everything. especially if you’re one of those people who love to (not really) overthink (ahem, ahem, me) and even the smallest thing can get you so stressed and in the end, you either just end up at this place which is just ranting on wordpress about your sad life or you end up sleeping or well, you end up freaking yourself out more. and imagine how stressful is that (pun totally not intended, nope not all al.)

i think im actually done ranting, i dont actually want suggestions or anything but i just really needed to get this off my chest so thankyou for listening even though i have no idea who i’m talking to right now or just virtually speaking to so well oops, i suppose. also, i’m sorry if my use of bracket or this rant annoyed you so 🙂 and just if you’re currently stressed, just know, that even i’m stressed but i had coffee and then i sent weird eye photos to my friends which totally didnt creep them out or anything and i actually have an exam tomorrow but i’m just here ranting like no shits given.

so well, if you have an exam tomorrow or day after tomorrow or after that, best of luck and dont be nervous. you’ll be amazing and you’re amazing and if you fail, well, there’s always a retest, right? and yes, dont forget to drink coffee and if you’re not confident then just screw your beauty sleep and pull an all nighter and study your ass off (it sometimes does help though) but dont overstress, dont forget to eat, take breaks and v small naps and always have coffee in your house because we never know when we might need it. (stress can come anytime remember? literally, sometimes it’ll just knock at your door or message you or write on the class board) but well, that’s just something else i suppose. and hm, yes dont forget to have fun also ok. even when you know you’re gonna have stressful days coming up, just enjoy for a while. doesnt hurt that much, trust me. and yes, i promise i’m done now, sorry haha.

life’s good, yeah?

(i have no idea what this thing turned into so oops sorry i guess)





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  1. i feel the pain babe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tee says:

      haha thankgod, I’m not the only one 😂


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