​how to breathe through tears:

1. it’s not necessary for you to always be there for people and it’s not possible too. dont expect them to understand because they’re probably too sad to. they might hate you for a while but after a while, when they find themselves in a similar position, they’ll understand. or maybe they wont if they’re a little oblivious to everything around them and dont think bout everything like you do.

2. have raw noodles, they weirdly have a sense of home to it. put a lil bit of salt and other seasonings.

3. grow up and start realising what’s actually happening. dont be too absorbed in your own world though it might be the only place where you fit. but you’ve been hiding for too long and it’s time to come out. dont be naive like i was 4 years ago. because it hurts like a bitch when reality hits you because of something you could have stopped.

4. stand under the shower, make the water hot. let the water caress your skin. it’s the only lover that will stay. stand under it for hours, let it drain you, let it love you.

5. acceptance is important. let go of everything. talk to people without thinking about what they did to you before. it might be a little hard because they probably did a lot of shit. but it cant be changed now and the only thing you can do is either forgive them or be angry at them. choose the one you find more suitable.

6. watch old british shows. they have a way of making swear words look like the sweetest words to ever exist. you lil twat; shut it, you wanker.

7. stop loving people. stop loving people who love others. stop loving people who never loved you. stop loving people who don’t care. stop loving people.

8. listen to instrumentals and disney songs and dance around like you’re a ballerina and dance is the only language you know.

9. it’s not necessary for people to always be there for you. that doesnt mean you’re unwanted or not worth it. neither does it mean that you’re not enough. you have to try to understand too. i know it hurts a lot because i feel it almost everyday but it does not mean they dont love you. because they do, they love you so much. they just don’t know how to show it. – t. 


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  1. Such good advice sweetie….

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    1. tee says:

      thankyou heh💙


  2. Nashrah says:


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