what we are.

we watch movies every saturday, and we fight for food. we lay in the bed at times with our feet tangled. we are a math problem, so many confusions, and so many solutions. we don’t get ourselves either. we talk every day for at least 2 hours on phone. sometimes, it’s just us talking about old writers and music videos. our mothers don’t like each other that much but they can’t keep us away. we spend our days at each other’s house but we’re not together. no, don’t confuse us with being in love. that was different. that was a long time ago. we’re friends. we’re good friends. we’re best friends. we love each other but maybe not like that. we are chemistry equations, we balance each other out. we go on jogs to run away, only to come back to the same place where we first kissed. but, please don’t confuse us with being in love. we don’t love each other. we hold hands sometimes but it’s only because the movie on the tv is too scary for us. our bodies don’t fit together well, we’re not lost puzzle pieces. we’re not together, we’re not in love. we are sarah and phil, we are julianne and michael. we are lovers in the most platonic way, we are the stars and the moon and the sun. we are everything together but no, please don’t confuse us with being in love. – what (I think) we are.


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  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I like, “we are chemistry equations.” 😊

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    1. tee says:

      thankyou, I love that line too hehe 😊

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  2. PLATONIC LOVE ❤ As usual , amazingly written. P.S Only some people will get how rare THIS is. (reference intended )

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