how to find comfort

1. wear oversized clothes. shirts that are too big and come till your knees, boxers that are too loose and have to be tied repeatedly.
2. get over yourself, no one has time for your shit again and again. instead of looking for comfort in them, find comfort in solitude.

3. dont be afraid to use too many commas in a sentence, or to start sentences with ‘and.’

4. know when to be mature and when to be not. learn how to have fun but to find the difference between the moments is also important.

5. leave your books around, on the bed, on the table; everywhere. leave them. for now, let yourself be drowned in their words.

6. highlight your favourite lines. if you cant find a highlighter, then just underline them (but with a pencil)

7. save up some money. it’ll help in the future when you need some time for yourself or need to take your best friend out for ice-cream.

8. refuse to do the things you dont want to do. you dont owe anyone anything, not your best friend, not your father. it’s not always good to be selfless. learn how to say no. stand up for yourself. say no. “do you have two long bloody hours to listen to me talk about how horrid my life is even though i know you have enough shit in your life and it’s 3 in the morning?” “no.”

9. think about yourself, even if your conscious makes nasty strides at you. think about your hands and funny toes. it’s okay. you’re okay. we’re all okay.

10. paste everything you find in your notebook. dead leaves, favourite quotes, newspaper cutouts? you got it (!!) stick em, paste em, do whatever with em. (exclamation marks are weird)

11. paint yourself with any color your want. use different brushes and strokes. make tiny figures and make them talk, make them come alive.

12. people will leave you on ‘seen’ and some will stop replying, accept it. you might be loved by a lot of people but still, no one is obliged to reply to you all the time. accept it and move on.

(long time no see hm, hi)


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  1. Glad to see a new upadate ❤ Quirky as always ❤

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  2. Aww…loved this post! Very useful.

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