things i’ve learnt by hurting (others and myself)

things i’ve learnt by hurting (others and myself)

a. never let someone get inside your head.

b. do not ever tell someone what’s really inside you because somehow you end up hurting them and then they end up hurting you back and then in the end, you blame yourself for ruining everything and that is exactly how self loathing starts.

c. eating oranges thirty minutes before you sleep is somewhat comforting.

d. no one is who you think they are, they’re all different faces with different emotions.

e. do not be ashamed of having trust issues.

f. you cant always save everyone.

g. living in a shell is okay as long it is you that has built those walls.

h. scarred thighs or minds do not define who you are.

i. it gets easier to keep track of everyone you’ve hurt after a while.

j. you don’t have to apologize if you don’t mean it, you don’t owe anyone anything.

k. there are no demons, they’re only words you’ve made up as an excuse for why you’re hurting.

l. there are no saviors.

m. when your stomach feels heavy with guilt and regret, puking does not help. because nothing except jagged breaths and sour tears will come out.

n. you’re just as bad as them.

o. having a weak memory is more helpful than you might think it is.

p. after sometime, it all stops. 


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