a list of impromptu suggestions.

a. dont run away from home or friends or problems. they all come back to you, or in some cases, you always have to go back to them.

b. having a blueberry mojito when you’re sick is not a very good idea but i’m sure everyone already knows that so this point is pointless.

c. being honest is really helpful sometimes.

d. you don’t have to understand yourself for someone else to understand you. sometimes, they might do a better job at it.

e. it’s not a bad thing to ask for help. it doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable. but it’s important to be there for them too. it needs to work from both the sides. help the ones who help. sometimes the shrink needs a shrink too. have some ice cream along with that. makes the heart-to-heart a little more nice.

f. happiness is very very precious along with classic playlists (stolen from dad’s collection.)

g. if you have something really nice to say, say it. it might make someone’s day and it will make your day too then. and you never know how much the other person needs it. why stop yourself from making someone else feel better (even if you’re an awkard sap like me who doesnt know how to make someone feel better properly but hey, that doesnt stop me from spamming someone i like)

h. no bad day lasts longer than two days. no bad feeling last longer than a week. that’s something you’ll realise when you re-read old angry journal entries.

i. everyone has a different coping mechanism, you can’t judge them for that. and you can never pretend to know what they’re feeling, all you can do is make them feel a little better.

j. kind words are always appreciated. 


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  1. D. It’s a funny concept to understand but it’s true. It’s seems that we can never be objective with ourselves. I barely understand myself at times with thr chaos in my head but others are easily able to cut through it and give me clarity. Sadly it’s rare cause I’m so anti social that people rarely get the chance to speak to me

    I. You see it all the time and it does take a second not to judge. I tend to assume my coping mechanisms are worse so it’s easy to allow people to do what they need to in hopes they’ll let me disappear into myself when I’m in the throws of panic

    J. They are indeed… so on that note, this is a brilliant list. Crafted with a sense of love and hope. I wonder what brought on the list but it’s that inspirational that it’s pointless to question. Im just happy exists, makes me think and makes me smile. 😊

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    1. tee says:

      maybe its because we treat ourselves as a very complicated mystery and fail to understand ourselves, and for the other person it’s like a kindergarten’s puzzle and boom! everything starts to make sense. I get you for the antisocial part though, because even i’m super antisocial, lol. but then people tend to steer away from me too so it’s okay.
      And sometimes I know it seems easier to be alone and suffer but then it’s actually better when someone is there with you, you know? makes the suffering more sufferable.
      and thankyou so much. tbh, the inspiration for this came from having a bad day and then from having a good day that came by making someone else’s day. (weird cycle, hm?)

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      1. That’s very true I like to think of myself as the brooding mystery when I’m just an eccentric who wants to be loved. Ahaha
        When it comes to anti social and being creative I’ve just accepted that I’ll be a tortured artist for life and noone should get near. Most listen but some don’t… those people are weird… I make them my friends.
        I understand the community aspect that having someone like you is nice. it means that you can survive cause thr old eccentric man has so why can’t you.
        Oh the inspiration of a crazy cycle I get that…. pretty sure my blog reads as a journal sometimes. Happy sad happy sad and some insane nonsense thrown in for good measure 😄

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      2. tee says:

        aye dont you worry, you’ll find love too haha. and blogs are meant for us only aren’t they? making it into a journal is completely fine 😂

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      3. Oh I’m sure I’m will, im just impatient in my elderly years. Ahahaha

        I’ll be honest I love thr journal aspect it’s a time capsule of you. it’s more that just somewhere to store your work it’s somewhere to prove your growth. I guess it’s why I keep coming back 😄

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      4. tee says:


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