7:17 pm.

the thing is that no one wants to be mainstream. no one wants to be ordinary. everyone wants to be ‘that girl’ secretly. everyone wants to be thought of as special, to be special to someone. I’m not saying it’s wrong or anything. and if you argue against this, you probably are one of them…

word(s) of the day

t. /tiː/ (n.)

– the twentieth letter of the alphabet.

– someone who writes to feel a little more.

i am i am i am enough

i am your 11pm calls when you cant sleep. i am the raindrops you play catch with on your car’s window. i am the balloon you tried to save from the scary kids. i am the autumn leaf you kept in your journal. i am the piece of cake you stopped yourself from having. i…

but, what if?

[a small portrait of innocence and development through a series of conversations between a mother and a daughter]

what inspiration feels like.

i wake up to your sunday early morning poetries, the nameless red flowers at your feet. The tapping of pencils and scribbling of erasers, devoid of cliches you try to write. a bent figure, it’s still dark outside, surrounded by sharpened remains of pencils. you seem to think of letters as lost souls, waiting to be…