i am i am i am enough

i am your 11pm calls when you cant sleep. i am the raindrops you play catch with on your car’s window. i am the balloon you tried to save from the scary kids. i am the autumn leaf you kept in your journal. i am the piece of cake you stopped yourself from having. i am the paperback you read again and again. i am the topic you avoided talking about at dinner because you were afraid of the looks you’ll get. i am the physics law you spent your whole weekend understanding. i am the ending words of every poem you’ve written. i am the letters you were too scared to send. i am the shells you picked from your last trip to the beach. i am the painting you spilled your coffee on. i am that extra sugar in your coffee. i am bright, i burn. i am the one you wished was enough. i am the love you hid in the inside of your pockets. i am the extra one. i am the lost one. i am the empty one. i am detached, i am distant, i am disastrous. but i am enough. i am the scarred one, i am the damaged one. but i am enough and i am enough. and i am enough.

but do not mistake me for the song you constantly skip because i am always going to be the song put on repeat at the end of every month

do not mistake me for being the book you never read because I’ll always be the first thing you’ll see in your favorite top shelf.

do not mistake me for the balloon you popped because i am the pretty balloon you wanted on your fourth birthday and to me, you’re still that four-year-old who never got me.

a somewhat continuation/sequel to last years, “i am i am i am nothing


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  1. Jackiedm69 says:

    So lovely ….


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