7:17 pm.

the thing is that no one wants to be mainstream. no one wants to be ordinary. everyone wants to be ‘that girl’ secretly. everyone wants to be thought of as special, to be special to someone. I’m not saying it’s wrong or anything. and if you argue against this, you probably are one of them and just don’t want to admit it. but the fact is, mainstream is what everyone is. and when everyone wants to be different, that too becomes a mainstream. which explains why there are so many wannabes (sorry, no offense) around now. and the sad thing is that they don’t actually realize what they are doing. maybe after some time, they’ll see who they really are but currently, they are so blinded by their want and greed just to be special, that they have forgotten who they really are, which is what happens with everyone. they are so busy being something they are not, that they completely forget who they were in the beginning. and its so sad, because before, they really were someone special. they were themselves. and not everyone is themselves. being themselves is never easy, you are always just going to be scared of being judged, of being talked about. so everyone is just busy being someone else, someone they think won’t be judged but the truth is, no matter who you are, you’ll always be judged. you cant stop it, you just have to, perhaps, just get used it and prove that you are not who they think you are. why bound yourself within the lives of others, when you can be completely free?

won’t that make you different, anyways? to be you is a thing only you can do, so why let go of it?



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