a) dont pretend everything is okay if it’s not.

b) dont tell someone with anxiety to chill.

c) dont fall in love with the past. don’t fall in love with the person they used to be.

d) dont be a bottle. don’t bottle.

e) dont turn a simple ‘i love you’ into something it’s not.

f) dont fall in love with your anxiety or ana. they’re not your friends.

g) dont fall for people you cant have.

h) dont lose your identity. there’s a difference between changing yourself and losing yourself.

i) (but) dont be scared of your sadness.

j) dont forget about simple human facts of underwater breathing and how it’s impossible. this isn’t hogwarts and you dont have gillyweed. in real life, it hurts like a bitch when you breathe underwater and your head bursts into colorless confetti when you come back up.

k) dont ever be too busy for your friends, there’s a very thin line between friends and toxicity.

l) dont watch shows you dont want to.

m) dont get into someone’s head when you dont plan on staying

n) dont blame others for your sadness. (for without a reason)

o) dont give what you wont get. dont give what you wont take.

p) dont feel.

q) dont assume.

r) dont pretend.

15may17 – 29june17


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  1. A well framed guidelines. Nicely written

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tee says:

      thankyou 🙂


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