yay booklist !!

okay so after being asked umpteen times on instagram for a booklist lolol, here i am, again eeeP  (hehe hi sairah and tanvi) so the past few months have been really good for me because i ordered soooo many books and i read sooo many lovely books AAAAAAH I CANT AFGSH im so excited now to tell all you guys about it LOL

anyways, lezzagozza (i.e let’s goooo asdfghw

1. Made You Up – Francesca Zappia
this book, oh god, this book is probably definitely the best book i’ve read. now, if you know me, and if you know me really well, you’d know i hate favoritism and i never have favorites BUT SUE ME BECAUSE SHIT THIS BOOK IS MY ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE FAV.

okay, so reasons i loved this book: 
– mental illness was not romanticized at all, it was all too real, all too honest, all too scary.
– miles is amazing. i honestly have a huge thing for him (and for guys like him)
– alex has an amazing sense of humor, she’s just so lively and sarcastic and badass. its just $!&!#@%!!
– i was 200 pages in and i didnt even realize it?? that’s how captivating and good the book is??
– alex is schizophrenic and paranoid, and miles is the smartass everyone is scared of. and on top, they both have an amazing chemistry?!!?
– temple kisses, geeky conversations, small roadtrips, slight mystery stuff and detective-ness. (aaaaH gIDdY)
(uM NEED I SAY MORE??????) (so ded) (the open book in the featured image is also Made You Up hehe)

“In a weird way, it felt like he belonged here. He belonged in the land of phoenixes and witches, the place where things were too fantastic to be real.” – Page 173.

“Sometimes I have trouble understanding things. Emotional things, I dont understand why people get upset about certain things, I dont understand why Tucker doesn’t try to be more than he is, and I still haven’t figured out why you kissed me.” – Page 218.

2. The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon
guys nicola yoon is amazing. also, i have a feeling not many people will like this book because at times the whole thing about destiny and fate and love gets just a little too much but then that’s what was so unique about the characters because while natasha was totally practical and reasonable, daniel was the exact opposite. natasha believed in science and reasons, daniel believed in destiny and poetry. but this book, still, was very refreshing and cUtE.

okay, so reasons i loved this book:
 it had everyone’s point of view. and everyone means everyone. the security guard, the attorney, the secretary and the parents. their pov’s were important as to understand how and why everything was happening. they gave us this outlook of the other side. and how every action has a reaction? (woW science) (how punny)

the destiny factor was really really nice though, like you could imagine everything that’s happening playing out as a movie in your head. (that’s how amazing nicola yoon is)
natasha is jamaican with an afro, daniel is korean with long hair. and they’re both really really beautiful. (i never really understood how people could call fictional people beautiful when they obviously haven’t seen them BUt thEN I READ THIS BOOK AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW) (AAAAGHHH)
the ending put me in tears, and that’s a big thing since i DO NOt GET TEARS THAT EASILY (i’m a very non-emotional person wot can i d0) (the ending wasn’t sad though, it was very happy actually)

“I don’t believe in love.”
“It’s not a religion,” he says. “It exists whether you believe in it or not.” 

“Stars are important,” I say, laughing.
“Sure, but why not more poems about the sun? The sun is also a star, and it’s our most important one. That alone should be worth a poem or two.”

“I kiss him to get him to stop talking. If he keeps talking I will love him, and I don’t want to love him. I really don’t. As strategies go, it’s not my finest. Kissing is just another way of talking except without the words.”

3. My Life Next Door – Huntley Fitzpatrick
ok to be very honest, i read this book 2 months ago and i don’t remember much from it except that i really really liked it and it was super cute and there was a lot of drama and it’s currently placed in my ‘adhgehdjs’ shelf so well… yeah (i really really suck at this blogging thing man) (..but it was a really nice book)

4. This Modern Love – Will Darbyshire
i died.

so, this book is a collection of somewhat love letters and notes from people all over the world that Will Darbyshire put together in a book, and all those letters and notes are just very very overwhelming. and they’re so honest and heartbreaking, asfffnicw sigh i canT.


Dear –—,
You are like that one piece of artwork in an art gallery that people spend a little longer admiring.

5. Confess – CoHo
man, oh, man, CoHo never ceases to surprise me. the plot twists she has all the time, and the way everything plays out everytime, argH. but this book was not just beautiful bc of the plot, but mostly because of the artwork and the confessions. they were just downright beautiful???? ok now let me just copy paste the plot here:

“Auburn Reed is determined to rebuild her shattered life and she has no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to become deeply attracted to the studio’s enigmatic artist, Owen Gentry.
For once, Auburn takes a chance and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is hiding a huge secret. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything Auburn loves most, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it—but can she do it?”


6. Our Chemical Hearts – Krystal Sutherland
what a sad, sad beautiful book. the ending was one of those, ‘sad yet happy’ endings. Even though i really liked Grace and Henry’s writing and all the wonderful quotes but the whole plot was just so SAD. it’s not like the whole book was sad, there were some really good happy parts but they were all short-lived, sigh. the reason im putting this book here is actually because it’s a somewhat important book over death, attachement and depression, and how they can be overly-linked at times. it shows you this side of unrequited sadistic love and what death can do to people.

The best thing the universe ever gave us is that we’ll all be forgotten. I kinda like the idea. That when we die, despite any pain or fear or embarrassment we experienced during our lives, despite any heartbreak or grief, we get to be dispersed back into nothingness. It makes me feel brave, knowing I’ll get a blank slate at the end. You get a brief glimmer of consciousness to do with what you will and then it’s given back to the universe again. I’m not religious, but even I can appreciate that that’s redemption, on the grandest scale. Oblivion isn’t scary; it’s the closest thing to genuine absolution of sin that I can imagine. – Grace Town.


ok that’s about it for now lol. i just spent like an hour and a half on this and i should have been doing math but i feel so much better after doing this but im so scared for math now AGH ok bye now

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  1. ess says:

    1) yayyy you blogged after 6488163891 days
    2) lend me all these books yo please

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    1. tee says:

      ok done 😂😂

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      1. ess says:

        Monday please okau thanks

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        haha doneeeee


  2. a.m. says:

    your booklists are the reason my bookshelves are now flooded. im broke but hey amazon i have a few books to order.

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  3. hell0chloe says:

    My Life Next Door is a great Summer read! I read it while I was on holiday and loved it, I’m not sure if you’ve read the other half of the pair – The Boy Most Likely To? That’s also a good one!

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      1. hell0chloe says:

        It’s called ‘The Boy Most Likely To’ and it’s about Tim!!

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