Before I die

before I die I want to ________  (waddup theodore finch reference)

  1. Have a coho signed book (sigh
  2. Visit Seattle. (original starbucks um?? i’m a white girl yes sue me)
  3. Have a Harry Potter marathon.
  4. Go on a real date.
  5. Win a giveaway. (i never win???)
  6. Kiss someone under the mistletoe. (so cheesy oml)
  7. Have a food fight. (but wasting food isnt good????)
  8. Fail a test.
  9. Visit New York City
  11. Go skinny dipping (when I’m older and pretty??)
  12. Be at a book signing.
  13. Go cliff jumping
  14. Paint my room. (turquoise or grey or ocean blue) (I GOT A MIX OF OCEAN BLUE AND DEEP BLUE HMH)
  15. Say no to everyone for a day.
  16. Get published.
  17. Be in a double decker bus.
  18. Light a lantern.
  19. Go to a concert. (bye)
  20. Make a snowman (shush dont judge)
  21. Go on a road trip with friends. (cliche oops)
  22. Read all Harry Potter books.
  23. Go to starbucks in pjs.
  24. Sing on stage.
  25. Visit Paris.
  26. Dye my hair
  27. Watch Halsey live.
  28. Learn drums. (!)
  29. Join a music group.
  30. Go camping.
  31. Have a paint fight. (funfunfun)
  32. Write a song.
  33. Go in a hot air balloon.
  34. Spray paint a wall (or shoes) (?)
  35. Watch the sunrise with friends.
  36. Go in a hot air balloon.
  37. Click photos in a photo booth.
  38. Be better.
  39. Go fishing.
  40. Make someone believe in me.
  41. Start a real (non-tumblr, active) blog
  42. Watch One Direction live.
  43. Become a writer. (non amateur one??)
  44. Adopt an elephant.(even if it’s for a week) (or a day)
  45. Visit a proper big library (yum)
  46. Sleep under the moon. (or the stars) (with blankets) (cliche, yes but whatevs)
  47. Get a polaroid.
  48. Get matching tattoos. (hv plans w my best friend ok)
  49. Have someone cook for me (mom doesnt count??) (i like my coffee cold and a lil sweet)
  50. Work at starbucks (for a month or so??) (don’t judge me??)
  51. Visit California. (my fav aunt is there)
  52. Have a pet.
  53. Make a blanket fort.
  54. WATCH THE LUMINEERS LIVE (hello??? they’re so good??)
  55. Have all Colleen Hoover books. (sigh, life goals)
  56. Give myself a haircut
  57. Work at a library.
  58. Have a tinker bell marathon.
  59. Have bonfire s’mores.
  61. Sleep in a garden. (not of roses, roses are too suffocating) (tulips or daffodils or sunflowers might be nice) (maybe we can add roses later on)
  62. Travel alone (!!?)
  63. Visit London. (aye british boys)
  64. Get over my fear of dogs. (woops)
  65. Learn how to play poker. (or any card game??) (i dont know any card game except that matching one??) (i can make a card fort tho??)
  66. Dance in the snow.
  67. Change the casual sad mindsets. (way too much of negativity ya)
  68. Be loved, genuinely.

“a living contradiction yet a dying cliché.”