word(s) of the day

t. /tiː/ (n.)

– the twentieth letter of the alphabet.

– a person who writes to feel a little more and to spread love and comfort.

december book list !!

okay – so before you start thinking this a list of december vibe reads, nope, it’s not. this is not a christams-y book list either and the only reason this has december is because, well it’s december right now and i’m posting in december and i thought, why not? (i know, i know, i’m lame, sorry, nope cant do…

book suggestions (!!)

okay, so this is something i’ve always wanted to so i’m finally doing it. (yay) and most of them are just going to be romance so hahah sorry 1. Shiver (trilogy) by Maggie Stiefvater if you’ve read the plot or have heard about it, it might seem like a classic werewolf story. but it’s not…

bookish days.

I think i finally understand why reading and writing feels peaceful. With books, every character can be categorised: s/he is good, or bad or just a supporting character whose story will be written later. There are also some good characters that turn bad and vice versa. It’s all in our control but we can’t  change…

the japanese legend

a thousand paper cranes. it is said, that if one folds a thousand paper cranes on their own, without any help, they get one wish. or are blessed with eternal luck, or long life. you cant give away your cranes, or take them from someone else. the cranes are to be made and kept by…

haunted house

“and these arms no longer feel like home but another haunted house with dead flowers and living corpses.”   (this was something i wrote 3 months ago, it doesnt quite make sense to me anymore. but to some it does, so okay.)

forever fav quote

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.” ― Joan Crawford


natsukashii (nahtzaka-shee) (adj.) of some small thing that brings you suddenly, joyously back to fond memories, not with a wistful longing for what’s past, but with an appreciation of the good times  

Milk and honey.

part 1. “you treat them as if they have a heart like yours. but not everyone can be as soft and tender as you. you don’t see the person they are you see the person they have the potential to be. you give and give till they have taken everything out of you and leave…