things we shouldnt be afraid of:

m. of telling someone, “constantly showering you with reassurance and love and then receiving shit in the end, is exhausting.”

a list of impromptu suggestions.

a. dont run away from home or friends or problems. they all come back to you, or in some cases, you always have to go back to them. b. having a blueberry mojito when you’re sick is not a very good idea but i’m sure everyone already knows that so this point is pointless. c….

things i’ve learnt by hurting (others and myself)

things i’ve learnt by hurting (others and myself) a. never let someone get inside your head. b. do not ever tell someone what’s really inside you because somehow you end up hurting them and then they end up hurting you back and then in the end, you blame yourself for ruining everything and that is…

how to feign indifference

1. start smiling a lot, never let it slip your lips because someone might catch you at your worst and we all know what happened the last that happened. one crack and you’re gone. but smiles know how to cover cracks and faults, so no matter what happens, you cannot lose the one thing that…

how to find comfort

1. wear oversized clothes. shirts that are too big and come till your knees, boxers that are too loose and have to be tied repeatedly. 2. get over yourself, no one has time for your shit again and again. instead of looking for comfort in them, find comfort in solitude. 3. dont be afraid to…

​how to not fall for him

1. stay strong, stick to what you believed. don’t let his words melt you. he’s a miscellany of lies and false hope. his words might be sweet and they might warm your heart but please don’t let yourself believe him. 2. avoid writing about him because once your words end up on paper, you can’t…

​how to breathe through tears:

1. it’s not necessary for you to always be there for people and it’s not possible too. dont expect them to understand because they’re probably too sad to. they might hate you for a while but after a while, when they find themselves in a similar position, they’ll understand. or maybe they wont if they’re…

quick five tips.

one. don’t be scared of love, with its sharp teeth and strong grips – it still can’t do anything to you. it is powerless till you let it be, it does not control you. nothing controls you, no one controls you. you are a person of your own hands and hearts, you are your own’s. two….

things i wish i could unhear

– a mother’s cry, the way her voice quivers and how she takes your hand and squeezes it just as you start to wrap your tiny arms around her motherly frame, trying to save her. but there wasnt much you could do at the age of 7 so you just noticed how her shoulders shook…

a list of things to do on a bad day

a list of things to do on a bad day a. make lists, imaginary lists or angry lists. a list of things you want to do, a list of things that make you sad, or a list like this will work too. it’s a good stress reliever, trust me. i do it all the time. b….