I’ll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson.

My amazing mind-blowing journey of falling in love with a book, I definitely, totally, fully, didn’t expect to love.


what you are, chapter 2.

you’re afraid of rejection and attachment. you have commitment issues and you hate unanswered questions. you dont need anyone else to write about you because you’ve already done it a million times. you dont like mushy words, and feelings make you uncomfortable. you dont believe in love and you hate promises, mostly because you’ve broken…

definitely love.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as insensitive. It’s just that, it’s not very easy for me to understand concepts like love. Because love doesn’t happen in two meetings. Love doesnt happen in 3 weeks. Love doesnt happen when you’ve never seen them cry, and you don’t know whether they hiccup or snort…

toddlers with glitter.

we aren’t lovers,
say, artists,
fallacious heartache.

playing with love
as if, fire,
using our hearts,
as if, firewood.

significance; endings and beginnings.

a letter of the alphabet / a strand of hair / a spec of dust / a star in a constellation / -1 in infinity / a drop of the ocean / a thread of your sweater / a second in a year / a laugh in all the cries / a word in a…

yay booklist !!

okay so after being asked umpteen times on instagram for a booklist lolol, here i am, again eeeP  (hehe hi sairah and tanvi) so the past few months have been really good for me because i ordered soooo many books and i read sooo many lovely books AAAAAAH I CANT AFGSH im so excited now to tell all you…

thirteen.5 things about a girl in my head.

zeroth. (g) the path from my jaw to my shoulder was always stained and tainted and marked with her red bites. she’d say in the end, ‘sorry’, a soft whisper, warm breath against my neck, ‘i didnt mean to hurt you.’ first. (h) she was selfish, blue and aflame. she was heartless, broken and grey. she…